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The Fredericksburg home built on a small farm is a ministry of Teen Challenge North Central Virginia. Together, with Beauty for Ashes Women and Children's Home and Richmond Outreach we are seeing lives set free by the healing power of Jesus Christ!
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We offer a 9-12 month residential Christian discipleship program. Read below to learn more about our program, finances, or rules.

To apply, call our office for a phone screening Monday through Friday 8am - 4pm:

(540) 286-2377

You may also leave a message at any time and we will return your call as soon as we are able.


For any questions not answered on this page or our FAQ page, please call.

Please note: We are unable to accept those currently taking or prescribed psychotropic or other mood-altering medications without being weaned off with a doctor's signed approval, or those with a long history of serious mental illness. We are also unable to accept those with sexual charges or violent felonies.

 | the program |
Group Classes

Group Studies for New Christians (GSNC) is a series of fourteen week-long classes developed by Teen Challenge USA. GSNC classes are offered in every residential Teen Challenge program in the country. These classes teach Biblical principles and cultivate a knowledge base that will help students develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ as they overcome their life-controlling problems.

Personal Studies

Personal Studies for New Christians (PSNC) is an individual study program developed by Teen Challenge USA. Teen Challenge students and their mentors design an individual study program through a mutually agreed upon learning contract that addresses the unique needs, concerns, and issues that they struggle with. Students work through the items of their PSNC learning contract at their own pace.

PSNC learning contracts include such elements as Scripture memorization, reading assignments, topical studies, and applying these to each students’ unique issues or circumstances.


Stay sharp

Stay Sharp Drug Prevention & Awareness Program

Stay Sharp has been created to impact students across the nation with a clear and urgent call to personal and peer drug abuse prevention. This positive message reaches out to steer the hearts and minds of this current generation towards a better path.

  • Engages the hearts and minds of students with true stories from their peers

  • Educates them on the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse

  • Equips them to make healthy choices

  • Empowers them with truth and hope

church services

Many churches will host Teen Challenge for a service where we can have a choir of our students sing, share testimonies and have a message by the Director. We will always accommodate for different worship styles, denominations and time frames. Please call our office if you would like to host a Teen Challenge service.

Devotions & Chapel

Daily morning prayer time. We also gather together as a complete staff and student body for chapel once a week on Wednesday mornings for worship, prayer and God's Word with either staff or a guest speaker sharing.

community service

We also frequently volunteer for various organizations, churches, ministries and the elderly or disabled in and around the Fredericksburg / Northern Virginia area.

Outreach &

Street Meetings

Evangelism and various forms of urban outreach are central to the Teen Challenge ministry, originating with David Wilkerson as told in the book The Cross and the Switchblade .


We plan recreational outings from time to time to local attractions; bowling, movies, sporting events, hikes in the Shenandoah mountains, museums and local parks. We also have limited free weights and a basketball hoop on campus.


Our 9-acre property requires upkeep and maintenance. We have daily chores and two days a week built into our schedule to reinforce the character quality of responsibility and maintain a work ethic.


$750 Non-refundable Entry & Processing Fee - due the day of intake

$500 a month (pro-rated) for each month the student lives at the Fredericksburg campus

If finances are a concern, please call our office during intake hours and discuss this with our staff.

 | some Rules to know|
  • You are allowed only 1 - fifteen-minute phone call a week to immediate family (usually Saturday)

  • You are allowed 1 - monthly-visit after your first 30 days (usually the second Sunday of the month)

  • No tobacco or nicotine of any kind (patches, gum, vaping, etc.)

  • No facial beards are allowed; you are allowed to maintain a trimmed mustache

  • You are assigned daily chores that are rotated among all students weekly

  • Participation in all aspects of the program is required

  • We have weekly on-campus chapel service Wednesday morning and attend a local church service off-campus weekly on Sunday morning

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