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Programs for Men, Women and Women with Children

During our sixty years of experience with persons struggling with life-controlling issues, Adult & Teen Challenge Virginia has learned that the best framework for successful transformation is our long-term (10 to 12 month) faith-based discipleship program.  We aim to help our students to find and use their personal faith in God to empower them to understand that they can take control of their lives.

Students receive recovery-support and life mentoring, classroom studies, and personal studies.  We offer comfortable amenities, quiet facilities, regular exercise, nutritional meals, recreation, transportation and so much more.  Upon completing the program, students are self-sufficient and God-sufficient.


Beauty for Ashes

Women and Children's  


Mothers, who are struggling with addiction or other life-controlling issues, too often do not seek or find help because it means separation from their children, leaving both mother and child caught in a cycle of dysfunction, hopelessness, and brokenness.  BFA exists to provide a safe, stable, and loving home environment for pregnant women and women with children with life-controlling problems.  BFA offers help, hope and healing to both mother and child.  An effective and comprehensive Christian faith-based curriculum, life skills training, life applications, and Church and community involvement lead to mental, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual wholeness.   

Adult and Teen

Challenge Virginia

Non-Residential Men's


Ready Now Recovery is a facilitated small group ministry that is participant-centered. There is not a determined length of time for this program. You determine the groups that you need for healthy recovery. We give you resources to create an action plan and set goals concerning your relationships, education, employment, and spiritual growth.

In addition to Ready Now Recovery, we host small men's retreats for those who can cannot commit to a long-term residential program, but desire the in-person experience of community and support. These are short, intense programs designed to expose participants to a similar discipleship experience as the long-term residential program. It is also a good opportunity for men who are potentially interested in the long-term program to be get a taste of the residential program. 

Adult and Teen 

Challenge Virginia

Women's Home

We exist to provide mentoring, education, training and spiritual direction for women who are struggling with destructive, abusive and life-controlling issues.  We strive to provide a loving home and family-type atmosphere for our students, making our center a safe place for true life change.  

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